Presentation of project results - Invasive plant control in habitats of Ormánság

The rapid spread of invasive species is one of the most significant factors that threaten our biodiversity. Tis phenomenon is becoming more and more well-known to the present day: we see new plant and animal species appearing in the landscape that becoming dominant within a few years.

Nowadays, invasion biology has become a separate discipline that is constantly evolving. We have a constantly expanding knowledge for the spread, effects and control of invasive species. However, this knowledge is far from complete, and it is likely that it will never be due to the new, constantly appearing alien species. Anyway, we must strive to make the research, monitoring and surveillance activities as complete and effective as possible, which efforts are also supported by the European Union.

Among others, Mecsekerdő Forestry and Našice Forestry wanted to participate actively in the achievement of these latter objectives by establishing international cooperation with Oak Protection, supported by the European Union.

In our publication, we report on the results achieved in the implementation of the project on invasive plant control.

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